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Dolev Hadar - plastic industries

About us

The Dolev Hadar Plastic Industries is a leading, professional company with many years of experience in the production of plastic products. The company is in continuous and constant momentum while expanding the product portfolio, increasing the clientele and providing an adequate response to their needs. The company has a rich and experienced marketing and sales system. We work in cooperation with the best major marketing and trading companies in Israel. Such cooperation allows us to reach all customers, in a wide national area and thus to provide a fast and professional service to our customers. The company engraves on its banner to strive for innovation and creativity and this in order to adapt itself to the modern industry and the needs of the market, without compromising on quality, professionalism, integrity, reliability and a strong personal relationship with eacqh and every customer. The production systems in the company are in various fields as extrusion technology, Vacuum forming technology and CNC cutting technology. Based on these technologies we produce and develop our unique product line, as well as providing development solutions on demand for many diverse industries such as air conditioning, kitchens, hospitals, heavy vehicles, industrial design, kindergartens, agriculture, construction and more. Among the raw materials we use for production: polyethylene (HDPE), ABS, polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP). We at Dolev Hadar constantly strive to develop, innovate and increase its product portfolio, therefore we are always attentive to ideas for new developments, and collaborations with both the business and private sectors.


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