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Odel Cohen - Nail Instructor

Odel Cohen - Nail Instructor



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Odel Cohen - nail artist

Odel Cohen owns an academy for nail studies, an instructor for nail technicians, has her own product line, and a professional studio. Odell has trained hundreds of professional nail technicians and teachers in the country. Even in her youth she showed great interest in the field of creative art and aesthetics. When she decided to become a roadmap in the nail industry, she knew clearly that her students would accept the transition. Odell places emphasis on high standards and extreme attention to the smallest details. Odell is here to give you the professional knowledge and experience she has acquired over so many years, to give you the confidence to embark on an independent path, and to implement what we have learned, and most importantly to advance you towards achieving your goals! The courses in the academy are structured in a way that is tailored to each individual, whether you are a beginner and have no previous experience in the field, or whether you are already in the nail industry and want to improve your work technique a few notches, by Odell's work methods. It is this focus that allows Odell to provide you with the level of professionalism you are looking for, the learning experience, and of course the quality of the products and services offered to you. Odell believes that anyone can succeed as long as they have the will and perseverance.


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